Brew Board was designed with a simple core mission in mind - bring users the easiest way to find out what is on tap at their favorite breweries. The site is designed and maintained by Eric Humphrey (@E__Hump), software engineer out of Frederick, MD.

Being an avid craft beer fan, the idea for Brew Board came up when Eric was tirelessly trying to answer the question, "What's on tap?" The process of browsing through brewery websites, social media, or 3rd party brewery rating services became a time consuming process just to figure out what a brewery has to offer.

Being a software engineer, Eric figured he could bring a much simpler solution to the table. Thus, the idea for Brew Board was born. A community where anyone can share what a brewery has to offer using the one device everyone is familiar with - the camera on their phone.

What's the first thing someone does when they enter a brewery? Go right to the board listing everything that's currently on tap. Brew Board brings a visual of that board to everyone, regardless of their current location. Brew Board provides a safe and clean environment for brewery fans to help each other figure out what's on tap. No more going down dead ends trying to figure out what your favorite brewery has to offer.

Next time you're at a brewery, take out your phone and snap a photo of the Brew Board and upload it for the rest of the community to see. The entire process takes less than a minute.